Posted by: fabbod | February 8, 2009

Exercise, Shmexercise

Did you see the article on yahoo today?  I might need to look into this more.   Basically, it talks about a British study that showed people need just 7 minutes of vigorous exercise a week in order to maintain their health.  And that 7 minutes can be split up.  A person could do 14 30-second sprints spread out over the day.  Now I know this is not for weight loss but I still find it hopeful because I think we’re always told that you have to work out for 3 hours a day if you want to lose weight.  In reality I think it’s more about consistency even if it is less time than we’d like to spend.



  1. I could probably manage 7 minutes a week! I ordered Jillian’s newest dvds and read that they’re actually broken up into 6 minute segments or something like that. If I can pull off doing two segments each week I’ll be ahead of the game, then, right? I’ll at least be doing more than I have been lately!

  2. That works for me!

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