Posted by: fabbod | February 1, 2009

Wasting Time

I’ve been wasting too much time on Facebook these days.  I don’t think it’s healthy.  I sit on my butt and I think it just make me want to munch on whatever is around and that’s usually not fruit.

On a totally different note (or maybe not), Leo over at Zen Habits is talking about just that – habits.  This time he has a guest post about Half Habits.  I’ve always loved this idea.  Now that we’re in Week 4 (?) it might be a good time to check it out.  It’s unnatural to change the way we live and our bodies and minds will rebel against it every time.  Haider advocates not even thinking about the BIG CHANGE.  Just think of one tiny little baby step you can take.  This is so me.  For example, I have a horrible habit of getting it in my head that I need to exercise five times a week but in reality I always do better when I just concentrate on one day at a time and focus on a short exercise session.  When I do this I usually exercise in a consistent way and end up getting better results than when I try to do one hour of exercise five or six times a week.


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