Posted by: fabbod | January 29, 2009


I made stew today.  It seemed like the perfect thing to fix on such a cold day.  Wasn’t I just in 75 degree weather last week?  What’s up with that?  But while I was doing that and all day today I’ve been obsessing over chocolate or something sweet.  I wanted to be a cookie monster today!  Argh, it is so frustrating when you are trying to eat well and your mind is conspiring against you.  I really do have too many days when I obsess over some type of food.  I once obsessed over pancakes for 3 months.  How does one fight that?  Is it possible without drugs?  My friend has epilepsy and she’s on some type of drug that makes her not obsess over things, including food.  She has to force herself to eat sometimes.  I need that drug!  I just don’t really want the epilepsy that goes with it.


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