Posted by: fabbod | February 12, 2009


Karen commented on my post about needing to eat more veggies.  Now the recommendation is to eat nine to eleven fruits and veggies.  What sadistic little person came up with that idea!?  It’s probably some skinny little anorexic raw-food vegan.  I’m highly suspicious.

Today’s food:

  • rice cereal
  • rice milk
  • carrots
  • almond chicken with fried rice (I asked for steamed but they got it wrong)
  • tea with sugar (but didn’t drink much of it)
  • the rest of the almond chicken and fried rice

Definately need more veggies in my life but, sheesh, not nine.

Posted by: fabbod | February 11, 2009

The Food

Urgh, food is such a huge issue for me.  I really wish it wasn’t.  This week I’m really just noticing what I’m eating.  I compare this to when I was getting out of debt.  For 2 months I just recorded what I spent.  After 2 months I really studied the results and decided what I could do without.  I don’t plan to record for food for 2 months and then act on the results.  I plan to start acting on the results right away.  It’s true-just writing it down makes you change how you think about food.

What I ate today:

  • Maple Buckwheat Cereal with less sugar than yesterday
  • Rice milk
  • Vanilla Coke (I know)
  • Almond M&Ms (Really, I know)
  • Almond chicken with ½c white rice (probably has 2 servings of veggies)
  • Terra potato chips
  • Honey-Lime chicken and roasted onions
  • Asparagus
  • Orange Juice

I think I need to have fruit or veggies for any snacking tonight.  Oh, yesterday I did have a serving of carrots.  I forgot those.

Posted by: fabbod | February 10, 2009


Not so great today.  This is the food of the day:

  • Maple Buckwheat Cereal with a little sugar
  • Rice Milk
  • Crackers
  • Chicken with roasted onions
  • Asparagus
  • Tea with sugar
  • 2 ginger cookies
  • 6 soft peppermints
  • Taco Bell bean burrito (not so great on this one)
  • Taco Bell Caramel apple empanada (not great on this either)

Definitely need to plan on more fruits and veggies.

Posted by: fabbod | February 9, 2009

A New Step

In light of my new found love of baby steps I’m going to try to write what I’m eating today through Friday.  I’m not going to worry about amounts, I’m just going to write the items.

  • Maple Buckwheat Cereal
  • Rice milk
  • Jalapeno Jack Almond Cheese
  • Vegetable crackers
  • Tea with sugar
  • Honey-Lime Chicken (no skin)
  • Roasted Onions
  • Asparagus
  • Clementines (2)
  • Almond milk iced latte
  • 8 peppermints

There it is.  I’m happy I didn’t hit any fast food joints.

Posted by: fabbod | February 8, 2009

Exercise, Shmexercise

Did you see the article on yahoo today?  I might need to look into this more.   Basically, it talks about a British study that showed people need just 7 minutes of vigorous exercise a week in order to maintain their health.  And that 7 minutes can be split up.  A person could do 14 30-second sprints spread out over the day.  Now I know this is not for weight loss but I still find it hopeful because I think we’re always told that you have to work out for 3 hours a day if you want to lose weight.  In reality I think it’s more about consistency even if it is less time than we’d like to spend.

Posted by: fabbod | February 8, 2009

Week 4 Results

I’m at 210.6 this week.  It appears I’m going the wrong way.

Posted by: fabbod | February 1, 2009

Wasting Time

I’ve been wasting too much time on Facebook these days.  I don’t think it’s healthy.  I sit on my butt and I think it just make me want to munch on whatever is around and that’s usually not fruit.

On a totally different note (or maybe not), Leo over at Zen Habits is talking about just that – habits.  This time he has a guest post about Half Habits.  I’ve always loved this idea.  Now that we’re in Week 4 (?) it might be a good time to check it out.  It’s unnatural to change the way we live and our bodies and minds will rebel against it every time.  Haider advocates not even thinking about the BIG CHANGE.  Just think of one tiny little baby step you can take.  This is so me.  For example, I have a horrible habit of getting it in my head that I need to exercise five times a week but in reality I always do better when I just concentrate on one day at a time and focus on a short exercise session.  When I do this I usually exercise in a consistent way and end up getting better results than when I try to do one hour of exercise five or six times a week.

Posted by: fabbod | January 30, 2009

Psychological Block?

I’m wondering today what it is about being below 210 that is freaking me out.  It seems that every time I go below that number I start to do things to sabotage my success.  It’s weird.  I often do that when I get to 180 but I’ve never done this at 210.  I don’t think I can honestly attribute everything to circumstances (vacation, sickness, etc.) because things like this come up all the time.

Posted by: fabbod | January 30, 2009

Week 3

I’m at 210.4 this week.

Posted by: fabbod | January 29, 2009


I made stew today.  It seemed like the perfect thing to fix on such a cold day.  Wasn’t I just in 75 degree weather last week?  What’s up with that?  But while I was doing that and all day today I’ve been obsessing over chocolate or something sweet.  I wanted to be a cookie monster today!  Argh, it is so frustrating when you are trying to eat well and your mind is conspiring against you.  I really do have too many days when I obsess over some type of food.  I once obsessed over pancakes for 3 months.  How does one fight that?  Is it possible without drugs?  My friend has epilepsy and she’s on some type of drug that makes her not obsess over things, including food.  She has to force herself to eat sometimes.  I need that drug!  I just don’t really want the epilepsy that goes with it.

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